2006 Animation “吐司密碼"

The Toast Code_girl



片中吐司主角因一次幸運的實驗而意外的上了天 堂,開心的他在天堂中遨遊,卻發現怎麼連一個到天堂的吐司都沒看見,正在狐疑中,睡意侵襲,夢見曾與好友許下的諾言,因為沒有實行而被好友怨恨,噩夢牽絆 著他,為了放下心中的大石頭,他回到了那個充滿苦難的空間,拯救他的友人,卻沒想到一場意外發生了。

The Toast Code

All toasts live for the day they can reach “Toast Heaven".

The main toast character accidentally reached “Toast Heaven". He felt free and happy there. However, he remembered a promise that he made to his friend that he hasn’t kept yet. He feels guilty so he decided to go back to save his friend.

After the mission was successfully accomplished, something happened to him.


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